10drums was born in Tokyo. The 1st time he listened to Les Baxter 'Jungle Jazz' and   Kraftwork 'Ralf And Florian' was at the age of 5 and he got very enthusiastic about this kind of music, his passion for exotica and minimal music was born.


At the age of 14 he played drums in his first techno band. Late 80s, he go on University of Music and Arts same time began playing records with E-mu Systems - Drumulator and Roland - TR-707 style DJ at around Tokyo discos.

In 90s he devoted to the study of ancient rhythm to stay in Africa throughout and played sessions all around the globe as  percussionist.


In 2015

On FQOTO Records debut he bring the deep and exotic chops on ‘Barbarians’ with his own drawing cover art.

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